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Choir Camp

Join us for our 8th Year!

For Our Fellow Teachers and Friends:

Choral directors are welcome to join us! Come observe our rehearsals and learn from our fantastic staff, help in our rehearsals or otherwise, say hello to your students and show them your support, or just hang out. Any choral director who visits can join us for meals with our compliments!

So there are no surprises, visitors will be allowed by appointment only, so please email us at if you are interested.

Here’s what teachers need to know:

  • Our formula is simple: put amazing teachers in front of students that are hungry to learn. Our staff is top notch, and we have so many amazing choral conductors waiting to join us!

  • Our instruction is diverse; each conductor brings expertise from different areas.

  • We staff one conductor for every ten students. As our enrollment grows, so will our staff.

  • Every child will learn the All-State solo for the fall audition and receive individual vocal instruction.

Here is a flyer with QR codes to post, and here is a graphic to include in your concert program.


Encore Choir Camp
July 9-13, 2019
Spivey Hall
Clayton State University

Our mission is to assemble some of the best choral conductors in the state, teach great choral music in large and small group rehearsals, have lots of fun, and provide the best camp experience for young singers in Georgia.

Encore Choir Camp is held in conjunction with Encore Orchestra Camp. Orchestra and Choir Camp members stay in the same dorms and enjoy all meals and social events together!

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Do you have friends in band and orchestra? Please tell them about our other camps!